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21st century teachers have access to an amazing array of technological tools. However, the potential benefits of tech for both instructor, and student use can often go unrealized. Connectivity issues, compatibility problems, lack of operational understanding, or even availability options can all represent stumbling blocks. This course has been designed for the teacher who wishes to complete his or her work through online instruction, and includes many technological solutions that will help improve teacher practice, as well as student achievement.

CTEV 629B – Standards in Instructional Technology: Don’t Go Changing, to Try and Please Me – Course Date: July 9 – August 31

Standards have become part of the normal scene of the instructional landscape. Standardized tests,standards for highly qualified teachers, curriculum standards and more are part of everyday conversa-tion in schools. But technology standards are not as well known by today’s educators. National andstate technology standards for students, teachers and administrators will be explored. An understand-ing of the technology standards including acceptable use policies, copyright law, and current topicalissues regarding the use of instructional technologies by educators will be the goal of this class.

CTEV 629F – Introduction to Online Education – Course Date: September 4 – October 26

Nearly every major university offers online courses. More and more online courses are being offered atthe k-12 level. Today’s teachers might not only take such a course for professional development, butmay find an opportunity to teach online. Teachers who are aware of the course design and deliverydifferences in an online course are going to be better prepared for the challenge of this inevitableeventuality, both for themselves and for their students.

CTEV 629D – Software Applications for Productivity – Course Date: TBA

Many educators use familiar productivity tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite, but often don’t knowof many of the available features that would make the software more effective (such as the officeassistants named in the course title). This course will specifically address how software programs canimprove the personal productivity of the educator, providing for a more efficient course preparationperiod, course delivery period, aid with course management, improve parent communication, and ofcourse, increase student achievement through effective assessment using technology.

CTEV 629C – Presentation and Learning Applications – Course Date: TBA

Multimedia is more than just a slide show with music. With the latest and greatest educationaltechnology, all of it free to educators, teachers can produce movies and podcasts, and share themonline with teachers, administrators, students and parents. The lessons learned can be passed alongto students who will be able to use the products for creating learning objects, assessments, projects,and other presentations.

CTEV 629A – Introduction to Instructional Technology: Using Hardware Doesn’t Have to be Hard – Course Date: TBA

This course will focus on the hardware of technology and how it may be used in a classroom so thatteachers will have a better understanding of how they can apply the variety of tools to improve theirstudents’ achievement, and become more self-reliant in the configuration of their equipment. Participants will gain “hands-on” experience in selecting the right tools, connecting them and configuringthe equipment to work together. Participants will also explore the theory of learning, and how computertechnology may be used to improve student achievement.

CTEV 629E – Web Resources for K-12 Teachers – Course Date: TBA

The Internet and World Wide Web are full of resources for educators, but finding them and knowinghow to navigate them are sometimes problematic. This course will introduce educators to a variety ofresources they can use in their classrooms and direct students to for content. A variety of applicationswill be explored, including the new Web 2.0 applications.