Teacher Leadership

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November 4, 2019 – October 2020
Touro University Nevada Campus
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Teacher Leadership (18 Graduate Credits)

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Program Date: November 4, 2019 – October 2020

Online applications must be submitted and received by Touro University Nevada no later than Friday, October 18, 2019.

About Touro University Nevada

Touro University Nevada is a non-profit university focused on positively impacting our community in healthcare and education. Our institution opened in 2004 and is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

This program is designed for the teacher who demonstrates leadership skills and dispositions, but has no goal to become an administrator.
Not every educator aspires to a formal leadership position, such as department chair or instructional coach. However, teachers are undeniably leaders, regardless of whether such skills have been specifically sought out. This course provides perspective to educators who may not be actively seeking administrative roles, but who nonetheless wish to maximize their ability to serve in a leadership role among their colleagues.
Two (2) books are required for this course:
Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators.
Clifton L. Taulbert. IBSN
Teacher Leadership That Strengthens Professional Practive.
Charlotte Danielson.
IBSN 1-4166-0271-2

CTEV 616 – Charlotte Danielson— Becoming a Teacher Leader
(3 Graduate Credits)        Course Date: November 4, 2019 – December 24

This course is designed for teachers who demonstrate the characteristics of teacher leaders described in Teacher Leadership that Strengthens Professional Practice (2006), by Charlotte Danielson, and published by ASCD in 2006. These teachers demonstrate leadership skills and dispositions, but may not have the desire to become administrators. They may not even aspire to formal teacher leadership positions, such as department chair or instructional coach. However, they are undeniably, leaders, but may not have yet acquired the knowledge of skills to serve in a leadership role with their colleagues. This course is designed to provide that perspective. Students in this course will become better teachers and will be able to assist other teachers to evaluate, reflect, and improve their teaching.

CTEV 617 – Urban Studies Support for learning in the Urban School Setting
(3 Graduate Credits)        Course Date: Janaury 2, 2020 – February 21

This course will address specific issues and challenges for educators working in culturally diverse urban school settings. The main components of the course include demographics of the urban community, expectations and attitudes of the urban societies, the classroom and school settings of the inner-city neighborhoods, motivational instructional strategies, relationship building in the classroom and the community, and facilitation of academic success. The learning topics will focus on the substantive, supportive role of the teacher leader in the classroom, in the school, and the learning community.

CTEV 618 – Collaboration for Learning
(3 Graduate Credits)        Course Date: March 2 – May 1

This course is designed to assist teachers to assume leadership roles in advancing school improvement efforts by adopting innovative teaching practices, encouraging leadership sharing innovative teaching practices, encouraging leadership sharing within schools, and energizing a commitment school-wide to improve student achievement and success. In addition, teachers will study effective tools for building this awareness such as publications, organizations, electronic resources, networking opportunities, and teacher exhibits.

CTEV 619 – Collegial Coaching and Mentorship for Teacher Leaders
(3 Graduate Credits)        Course Date: May 4 – June 26

This course is designed to further increase your teacher leadership capacity in the area of interpersonal skills. It focuses primarily on a set of skills that will enhance your ability to contribute meaningfully toward the school improvement efforts within your school. These include: Knowledge of Self, Building Trust, Increasing Communication Skills, Giving Feedback, and Running Effective Meetings.

CTEV 620 – Shared Accountability for the Learning Community
(3 Graduate Credits)        Course Date: July – August (Exact Dates TBA)

This course is designed to help teacher leaders contribute in greater measure to building strong school communities by promoting habits of the heart such as hope, courage, high expectations, responsibility, dependability, and friendship within their schools. The focus is primarily on setting goals, developing action plans, and implementing changes that address student needs and interests.

CTEV 621 – Refining Best Practices for School Success
(3 Graduate Credits)        Course Date: September – October (Exact Dates TBA)

In this course educators will consider a number of leadership issues as they relate to educational technology in a K-12 environment. Topics include but are not limited to educational technology leadership, the use of assistive technology, classroom management in an age of digital technology, and the use of gaming and immersive environments in education. The goals is for educators to develop an understanding of the basic opportunities and concerns associated with each issue, and was well as where to find resources related to them. Most importantly, educators will be able to understand these issues in terms of the leadership required to address them.

Withdrawal Policy & Refunds

In order to withdraw from this program, a student must submit in writing to CTE via email that he or she wishes to withdraw from the program. If a student withdraws in writing to CTE before the initial program start date, CTE shall refund 100% tuition for the program, minus a $50 drop processing fee. If a student drops during the program, the program cost will be a pro rata amount of $180 per credit including a $100 drop fee. Any overcollected tuition funds shall be refunded within 5-10 business days.

Late Tuition Payments

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