Intermediate Spanish

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Intermediate Spanish (18 Graduate Credits)

Fall registration is not available at this time. Please provide your contact information above to receive notification when the program becomes available.

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Program begins: Fall 2019
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CTEV 629B – Standards in Instructional Technology: Don’t Go Changing, to Try and Please Me (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

Standards have become part of the normal scene of the instructional landscape. Standardized tests,standards for highly qualified teachers, curriculum standards and more are part of everyday conversa-tion in schools. But technology standards are not as well known by today’s educators. National andstate technology standards for students, teachers and administrators will be explored. An understand-ing of the technology standards including acceptable use policies, copyright law, and current topicalissues regarding the use of instructional technologies by educators will be the goal of this class.

CTEV 658 A – Introduction to Advanced Conversational Spanish (3 credits) (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

This class will strengthen basic Spanish speaking skills to enhance skills in oral communication, understanding, reading and writing in Spanish. Additionally, this class will discuss the limitations of traditional ELL curricula, and how teachers can meet the basic language and socio-cultural needs of ELL students in their classrooms. Students will explore topics on designing ELL curricula that helps students not only learn English, but also acquire the skills and knowledge necessary

CTEV 658 B – Critical Spanish Literacy (3 credits) (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

This class improves understanding and empathy for the ELL student placed in an English-instructed classroom or setting, language acquisition, instructional approaches, teaching language arts in a bilingual classroom, and language and multicultural literature across the curriculum will be addressed. Activities, including use of the Prism Model (W.P. Thomas & V.P. Collier), to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will also be introduced and

CTEV 658 C – Spanish Arts and Literature (3 credits) (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

This class will focus on an in-depth study of the literary, artistic, and cultural heritage of the Spanish speaking people throughout the world while examining stereotypes, ethnocentrism, prejudice and discrimination. Students will explore the theoretical background of language acquisition theories and the socioemotional implications of being a multilingual global thinker.

CTEV 658 D – Charisma and Popularity in Conversational Community Spaces (3 credits) (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

This class will strengthen oral communication skills, understanding, reading and writing by studying a selection of historical speeches in Spanish, popular readings and folklore. Students will explore innovative instructional strategies that include the analysis and evaluation of oral and written communication in Spanish.

CTEV 658 E – Música en Español (3 credits) (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

This class will use music to build community as an important element of the school environment. Students in this class will learn about strategies to use to improve communication with students, families and encourage partnerships to link the school and parents using music and folkloric dance. Examples of community programs from other districts will be analyzed along with legislation addressing parent participation and community activism.

CTEV 658 F – Spanish Theater Arts (3 credits) (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBA

This class centers on authentic assessments for language mastery. In this class students will study assessment issues including innovative strategies such as theater forum from August Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed Various assessment instruments will be compared along with the concepts of test validity and reliability. The course will end with an examination of the ongoing need to link assessment to instruction in the content areas and for the teacher to continue professional development.