Effective Schools (18 Graduate Credits)

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July 9, 2018
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Effective Schools

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Program begins: July 9, 2018.
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This program is designed for the participants to see the whole school community through its individual parts.
Contemporary schooling is a working model of the storied “it takes a village” concept. Countless moving parts with individual managers (as well as individual management styles) are required to come together in service of a shared set of goals. TU’s Effective Schools program will introduce concepts of managed integration, in order that teachers work both within their space, and within the big picture to improve the overall educational environment.

CTAV 636 – Building Academic Language – Course Date: July 9 – August 31

With the adoption of college and career standards, all students need support developing their understanding and use of language within an academic context. As students progress through school, subject matter becomes more complex and students must use language in more sophisticated ways to argue, to evaluate evidence, to analyze complex texts, to develop their own complex texts, and to engage academic discussions. This course is designed to equip K-12 teachers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to help their students grasp language principles and develop the academic language skills they need to reach their highest levels of academic achievement across all grade bands and content areas. Building Academic Language introduces teachers to the features and functions of academic language, strategies and activities for supporting the use of academic language, techniques for modeling academic language, and ideas for lesson planning and assessment that support academic language development.

Course CTAV 635 – Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities – Course Date: September 4 – October 26

Participants will become familiar with general characteristics of various learning disorders along with effective models of service delivery. Unbiased testing, culturally sensitive behavioral expectations, and pre-referral intervention strategies are explored that may prevent unnecessary and inappropriate referrals to special education for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Course CTAV 630 – Data, Data, Data Everywhere – Course Date: TBA

Participants will be exposed to the power of community, building integrity, closing the achievement gap, and the Eight Habits of the Heart as a driving force within school to ensure student success. Educational leaders will be exposed to strategies to ensure effective team building and will be introduced to the concept of R.A.I. – Respect, Affirmation and Inclusion as the three elements to welcome diversity and to benefit from its presence.

Course CTAV 631 – Powerful Coaching – Course Date: TBA

Participants will explore school-wide mentoring as a highly effective means to increase academic achievement and fill in gaps while students develop an attitude for success regardless of their cultural and socio-economical backgrounds. This course will help the participants understand and practice essential coaching skills to create continuous improvement in their classrooms.

Course CTAV 632 – Improving Instruction through Strategic Conversations with Teachers – Course Date: TBA

Participants will be given the dynamic information necessary to develop coaching/mentoring as a process, a relationship, and a powerful strategy for creating change in students, classrooms, and the school community. The participants will understand the role of the teacher/school and the skills necessary for successful coaching/mentoring and for successful change to happen.

Course CTAV 633 – Charlotte Danielson’s A Framework for Teaching – Course Date: April 29 – June 22

Participants will understand why teaching is about multiple choices made daily while interacting with parents, students, and staff, and why it is important that the administration and teachers impart confidence towards their students and the school community. The participants will learn appropriate ways to shift behavior in order to reach their primary goal – teaching.