Adaptive Physical Education

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Days of Week:
Sunday; Online
Program Date:
November 4, 2019 – October 2020
Meeting Times:
9am – 2pm; Online
Touro University Nevada Campus
874 American Pacific Dr.
Henderson, NV 89014
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First payment: November 10, 2019


Adaptive Physical Education (18 Graduate Credits)

*(Must be licensed as a special education teacher or physical education teacher to qualify for the endorsement)

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• CTE is responsible to administer and collect the tuition payments for this program. Over 12 months, a credit/debit card payment of $270 will be collected on the 10th day of every month. The first payment will begin on October 10, 2019. There is a $75 payment plan set up fee at the time signing up.

Questions: Call CTE at 702-697-0006 opt. 5 or email

Program Date: November 4, 2019 – October 2020

Online applications must be submitted and received by Touro University Nevada no later than Friday, October 18, 2019.

Touro University Nevada

Touro University Nevada is a private Jewish institution that maintains a School of Education that is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and all licensure programs are approved by the Nevada State Department of Education.

Why Touro University Nevada (TUN) is the right choice for your Professional Growth Plan (PGP)?

• TUN is an approved Institution of Higher Education by the Nevada Department of Education (NV DOE) to be a teacher preparation program provider.

• 1 credit earned at TUN equates to 8 CUs. Thus, a 3-credit course = 24 Contact Units (CUs). A minimum of 225 CUs is needed for column movement.

• Non-approved Institutions of Higher Education earn 5 CUs per 1 semester credit. Therefore, a 3-credit course (non-approved) = 15 CUs

• Completion of this 18-graduate credit Certification = 144 CUs

This program is built around the Nevada Department of Education’s requirements for the APE endorsement. Students can choose the classes they need to complete their endorsement coursework.

SPDV 631 – Parent Involvement in Programs for Exceptional Students (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: November 4, 2019 – December 24

Parents and families as the context for growth, development and learning; similarities and differences in family structures and parenting styles in various cultural groups; parents and family members as teachers and collaborators with educators; ways in which education and intervention programs build and expand upon the foundation provided by parents; parental and family responses to and coping with a child with special needs; how educators form constructive educational partnerships with parents; awareness of community resources for parents and their children.

CTAV 659 A – Introduction to Adapted Physical Education (Sunday)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: January 5 – February 16

Introduction to adapted physical education programming for students with physical and/or cognitive challenges. Emphasis on curriculum development, programming, equipment, and teaching methods in developing the adapted physical education program in primarily inclusive settings.

CTAV 659 B – Methods in Teaching Special (Adapted) Physical Education (Sunday)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: March 8 – April 26

Adapted Physical Education (APE) is a special education service that provides school-aged children with special needs access to the physical education curriculum. Services are provided to students identified as needing APE intervention to facilitate their access to physical education. This course will emphasize: the identification of students requiring APE support; degree of support required; delivery models (continuum of services); characteristics and educational needs of students with disabilities; and instructional techniques which can be used with these students in the general classroom. It will also include: legal mandates and regulations; 504 regulations; least restrictive environment; reporting and documentation; disability sport, community resources and therapeutic recreation.

CTAV 659 C – Assessment in Adapted Physical Education (Sunday)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: May 10 – June 21

An overview of motor and fitness assessments available for students with disabilities being served by adapted physical education specialists in physical education. Emphasis will be placed on the application of appropriate motor and physical fitness tests to make subsequent effective placement decisions and to determine provision of services for children with disabilities in school settings. Practical experience selecting, utilizing and scoring assessment instruments and writing diagnostic narratives provided.

CTAV 659 D – Practicum (TBD)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: TBD

Adapted Physical Education (APE) is a special education service that provides school-aged children with special needs access to the physical education curriculum. Services are provided to students identified as needing APE intervention to facilitate their access to physical education. As part of the requirements for the Adapted Physical Education endorsement a practicum is required. This forty-five hour practicum experience will include prepracticum symposium, 35 hours of hands-on experience, and conclude with a post practicum symposium. The hands-on experience will expose practicum students to school-aged children with several different disabilities, and will allow practicum students to plan and execute a variety of sports and recreation activities. Practicum experiences will be recorded by each student in a detailed log. *Completed at CCSD summer camp during the week.

CTAV 661 – Introduction to Special Education (ONLINE)
(3 Graduate Credits/24 CUs)        Course Date: July – August

This course focuses on: the historical background to current approaches to teaching children with disabilities; special education and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; current theories and methodologies in special education; inclusion and the concept of the least restrictive environment; early intervention; special education programs, curricula, classroom management, and technologies; educational challenges and instructional approaches with children whose disabilities are associated with mental retardation, physical and sensory impairments, language delays, emotional disturbances, and learning disabilities; introduction to approaches and debates on reading and language arts instruction for native English speakers and English language learners.

Withdrawal Policy & Refunds

In order to withdraw from this program, a student must submit in writing to CTE via email that he or she wishes to withdraw from the program. If a student withdraws in writing to CTE before the initial program start date, CTE shall refund 100% tuition for the program, minus a $50 drop processing fee. If a student drops during the program, the program cost will be a pro rata amount of $180 per credit including a $100 drop fee. Any overcollected tuition funds shall be refunded within 5-10 business days.

Late Tuition Payments

If a tuition payment is not paid by the monthly due date, a $50 late payment charge will be assessed (No exceptions). Failure to pay your outstanding balance may result in a hold on your academic records and/or your account being referred to an outside collection agency, which will add additional charges.