Why do teachers choose Commitment to Education (CTE) to achieve their master’s degree or professional development coursework?

Commitment To Education (CTE) has partnered with 3 (three) accredited universities in order to provide quality, degrees and programs, including recertification at discounted pricing. In other words, with the help of our three outstanding universities, we are able to save teachers a lot of money on their tuition costs.

Which colleges and universities are in partnership with CTE?

Since 2006, CTE’s goal and mission has been to provide educators with the ability to earn college and university credits — all while obtaining quality professional development content that meets the rigor for salary advancement and great savings on tuition costs. We enjoy longstanding partnerships with:

• University of North Dakota
• Sierra Nevada College
• Touro University Nevada

What type of courses do you offer?

We offer master of education degrees and/or graduate-level courses for K-12 teachers to apply towards their salary schedule/lane advancement, state licensure, recertification, or other career advancement needs.


Graduate Credit courses are offered through our CAEP and regionally accredited university partners: Sierra Nevada College, Touro University Nevada, and University of North Dakota. Upon successful completion of a graduate credit course, you will receive an official university transcript from the chosen university partner.


PLEASE NOTE: Each state and school district has its own regulations and guidelines. It is the educator’s responsibility to confirm that our courses legally fulfill their school district’s requirements for licensure or advancement.

How do I know if my school, district, and/or state accepts your courses?

Since each school district and state governing body has its own set of requirements regarding salary schedules, licensure and re-certification, please request approval prior to registering for a program with our university partners to verify acceptance. Tuition is non-refundable if your school district or state governing body does not accept your courses.

How much can I save by beginning my enrollment process with CTE?

It really depends on which program you are planning to pursue. The average tuition savings ranges from $2000 – $5,000. Each CTE program overview page will outline the amount you’ll save on your tuition costs.

I am a Clark County School District teacher. Can I take courses on the CTE website to achieve my Professional Growth Plan?

Clark County Teachers may pursue and complete any of the coursework offered through Sierra Nevada College and/or Touro University Nevada. Both university partners are institutions of higher education that are approved by the Nevada Department of Education to be teacher preparation program providers.

I am a teacher outside of Clark County School District. Am I eligible to take online courses on the CTE website to help with my salary advancement, re-certification, or state licensure needs?

Absolutely. All of the coursework found on the CTE website is through a CAEP or regionally accredited institution, so we are able to help educators from across the country with their professional development needs.

Can I only take a couple courses of a Certification program or do I have to complete the entire program?

Yes, you may only complete the courses you wish within a Certification program. When you are ready to drop from a program you will notify CTE by email and we adjust your tuition balance to reflect the number of credits you completed.

Are the graduate credit courses semester hours or quarter hours?

All of our university partners offer courses for semester hours.

How many hours of study will be required?

Each graduate-level credit is equivalent to 15 hours of work. Therefore, a 3 credit course equates to 45 hours of study.

Is financial aid available with the university?
Financial aid is available with all of our universities for qualifying master’s programs. Financial aid does not apply for non-degree seeking programs, but there are several options for payment available. Find them on the program description pages.
What is the website address and phone number for the Nevada State Department of Education?
They can assist with endorsement and licensure information.