Created by teachers, for teachers. The CTE legacy began in 2006 as part of a negotiated agreement with the fifth largest school district in the US, Clark County School District, in Las Vegas, Nevada. CTE was developed to primarily serve and provide Clark County teachers relevant, innovative curriculum for their continuing education. As CTE grew over the years, so did its vision of serving more teachers throughout Nevada and the country.
Based on a simple concept, CTE in collaboration with educators from the school district level to the university level has continued to offer a diverse variety of master's degrees and education programs at discounted tuition pricing to teachers and school districts across the nation.
CTE consistently monitors the changes of school districts’ needs and tailors coursework to allow educators to advance their careers and support their teacher salary schedule movements. We work diligently with accredited universities to provide the most relevant degrees and programs at the most affordable prices available. We are extremely proud of our client services and the ability to offer flexible payment arrangements suitable to nearly any household budget.
Our commitment to education remains the same today as it was in 2006. We will always put teachers first and continue to improve our operations as technology and professional development needs evolve and progress.
We look forward to serving you!